Winter Walk celebration

What a fun gig singing inside Culture+Commerce Project during this year's Winter Walk in Hudson NY. My good friend Sherry Jo Williams owns the shop (we met years ago as neighbors in the East Village) and another good friend photographer  Lilian Haidar (she has photographed me for years including doing the images for my 1998 Retracing CD) came along and captured these shots. People walked up and down the vehicular-less Warren Street, stopping in front of shops and listening to the music inside. It was a piece of small town America at it's best.

2012-12-01 - Lilian Haidar  - inside shop _08A0196.jpg

inside looking out

2012-12-01 - Lilian Haidar - outside _08A0334.jpg

 outside looking in

2012-12-01 - Lilian Haidar - inside close_08A0311.jpg