Ab + Zu Concrete Jungle Jam

Ab + Zu are percussionists who normally perform inside a moving subway car.  Personally I don't have the balance (what I call subway legs) or the lack of fear I'll impale someone with my guitar neck, so I stick to the stations.  Zu commented on my Emotional Creature t-shirt (Eve Ensler's new play worth seeing).

I have known Ab + Zu for many years and we are always happy to see each other, but this was the first time they actually jammed with me. I'm happy to have caught it on tape. I filmed them for my "What's Your Inspiration?" project when I was first developing it.  

What inspires Ab + Zu?  "Good energy and positive vibes...if you embrace it, it will embrace you."

Jungle words and music C. Grier SESAC Singerfish Publishing

What's Your Inspiration?