Weekend brings better news for some

News this morning at 5:30 am is my apartment has regained power.  I hope for those of my neighbors who were stuck without power all week, sthat they are enjoying heat, their first hot shower and a flushing toilet.  But for others who have lost so much I am mindful, thoughtful and humbled.  Joe who works in our building lost his home. We are not over this yet. With every new day, as water recedes and people are able to return to assess the damage, I realize 1000's of people have a new life to rebuild. My hope is our collective human spirit will not be dimmed.

I am grateful that Mayor Bloomberg cancelled the Marathon.  I know it was a hard decision to do, but it was the right thing to do. I look forward to being on the street to cheer the runners on whenever it is rescheduled.

MTA website continues to have information about transit schedules and disruptions.

Also a previous blog of mine has lots of important #'s and information for those in need of help, and those who want to help.

May this crisis continue to bring us more gifts and show the beauty of human resiliency.