Taking a true break

During the dog days of August, I go to the country and stretch out a bit. After months of singing in the subway, I need to come above ground when it's too hot. The self imposed break brings me many gifts.  

As a child my New Yorker parents moved my family to rural Connecticut, and I mean rural, cow pastures, corn fields, County Fairs, 4-H camp and a town so small we had to join with the next one to create a school district.  Weekends we visited our extended family who were spread out throughout the 5 Boroughs of Manhattan. When I lived in Key West in the '80's, the island atmosphere was the perfect balance to my touring life.  Then later in France in the '90's I easily switched between my apartment in Paris and a country home in the South. In 2004 my partner and I built a country home in upstate NY as a get away from the city grind.  

So as you can see, my picture has always been a duality of urban and rural life.  In the country, being part of a vibrant local community through volunteering and service is something I enjoy. When summer hits I climb up above ground with all my metaphors and need for open space, and head to cow pastures, corn fields and County Fairs (or at least one Blueberry Festival in my case).

I've been so involved with country life, that I haven't really taken much time for myself.  This is my way of saying I am taking a much needed break. So stay tuned as I take time to nurture my creativity and space.

Happy continued Summer.