Calm After The Storm

It's a lovely, clear crisp morning

not a cloud in the sky

Irene washed through the Hudson Valley staying a little over 24 hours

The rains came Saturday night 12:05 am

We already knew from friends in NYC 2 hours south what was coming our way.

The image of empty NYC streets, of evacuated residents of a shutdown city, strange.


By daybreak, rain

by midday, rain

by afternoon, rain

Steady, heavy 

by then NYC was clear 

and we were in a washing machine surrounded by trees

at least safer on higher ground from flooding

we never lost power. no downed trees, never had to evacuate to the basement

Fortunate we were.


The wind by 4pm in all directions whipped rain like snow

pups loved it, a lucky break

I danced on our outdoor table safely tucked into the corner of the living room

defiant, feeling like a kid

hurricanes can bring gifts


Irene by 1 am Monday, over

No wind, no rain

Just the twinkle twinkle of stars above unaware

of the torrent and devastation here on earth

Chorus of un-drowned crickets and other singing "things"

filled the cleaned night air

Rushing water in nearby stream loud

like a freight train with 1000's of rattling cars on a trip to far away.


Others were not so lucky as we were and I wish them well in returning to right. 

Be careful when traveling.


I'm looking forward to returning to the subway to perform soon.