calm before storm

I'm writing this in upstate NY unsure where and when hurricane Irene will hit.  Outdoor furniture is in, sinks are full of water and batteries are charged. I am thankful to not be in NYC and hope the storm brings only good things brought by so much preparation, information and thoughtful communication in anticipation of a potential major disaster. In all my years I have never heard of shutting down the subway systems due to a natural event, but know our infrastruture is overwhelmed by even a minor storm, so the decision is certainly prudent. I commend the intense work of evacuating and sheltering of people including allowing animals in shelters-bravo NY!

Wow imagine if we could put this same energy and care into how to be more productive, efficient and community focused citizens.

Having lived in Key West I'm no stranger to hurricanes (I was stuck in Andrew) and tropical storms can be just as devastating. They move fast and when it's over if nothing happens, a sort of cry wolf attitude can set in. To be sure it's better to be safe than sorry, evacuate if possible and if not hunker down. So stay safe from flying debris my fellow commuters and see you post Irene. And thanks to all my fans and friends far and wide checking in with good wishes.


PS I do hope that when all the wind and water subsides, we'll realize that even in tough economic times, rebuilding and maintaining our infrastructure is essential and forward thinking.