Memorial Day 2011

Memorial Day weekend is what we call the unofficial start of summer, here in NYC it does feel like summer.  It's beautiful.  I'll be happily singing at my cousins wedding in Brooklyn and then heading upstate for the rest of the holiday.  

All the warm and happy festivities aside, Memorial Day was created as a way to honor those who have fought for our Country.

On Monday we'll wake up early and join other community members to gather on the town green to honor Memorial Day with VFW guards, placement of a wreath and a reading of a proclamation usually from the President or Governor Cuomo.  America is in our 10th year of war in Afghanistan and still present in Iraq.  The least we can do is to take a moment of silence and give thanks to those fallen soldiers of today and the past.

This Memorial Day I hope like me, you go out and find where people are gathering to remember.  Maybe it's a local VFW remembrance, or a visit to a cemetery, especially with your children, they need to know.

here's a link to Governor Cuomo's Memorial Day message

I regularly like to share the work of Sam Davidson's Cool People Care site.  Today he writes about the travel weekend and how to get where you're going more efficiently it's worth a look.


Memorial Day cartoon by Joe Heller (used by permission, thanks Joe)