Music Under New York auditions 2011

I went to this years 2011 auditions held at Grand Central Station.  It was fun just being a spectator instead of a judge as I have been in previous years. Many of this years judges were MUNY artists and seeing them outside of a performance setting is unique and fun-Jesse Selengut from Tin Pan, Sean Grissom the Cajun cellist, Kelly and Liah from Left on Red, Wendy Sayvetz, Irving Louis Lattin, and Floyd Lee.

Don't want to forget to mention the other MUNY artists on hand as volunteers to help the auditionees get checked in and setup. Natalia Paruz the Saw Lady, Angel Marin, and Nicola. It's always great to see Gina and Tim Higginbotham overseeing the event. It's a long day 9:30-3:30 with non-stop artists. There were some really great groups and solo artists.  I was happy to see a few I've already seen perform in the subway without the MUNY banner, and hope they'll make the cut. Grand Central station is such an iconic place, hearing the voices and music resonate throughout the hall is quite an experience.

For anyone who missed the once a year opportunity to audition, there is always next May. Stay tuned.