Through My Eyes

What do I see in performing underground, in public spaces? People who are getting from one place to another, multitasking, talking, lugging, running, ear buds playing another song, people can still hear their surroundings, just with an added track. Excuse the pun.  Why not layer live music in this life way?  Un-perfectly played out in the exact opposite of a recording studio where pure acoustics, frequencies reign with nothing out of place that you can’t erase.  Underground the sounds are fierce, undeniably raw, sometimes elegantly played out even with a turnstile gate siren pulsing its screech, or the rumble of a nearby train.  Like fingerprints always different never the same. Random.

And the people who pass everyday, play out their own soundtrack made of what’s in their head, and the obstacle course of exterior sound to challenge them.  We all add to the harmony, even when dissonant.  Most times Big Band and Symphonic like.

And people that discover me at my various locations have plenty of things to say.  Advice-be careful how much money to leave in my bag, Praise-how much they love the MUNY program, Emotional-a song I play might be a loved ones favorite. People who approach me to chat aren’t talking just because they have nothing better to do, they feel compelled to express themselves. Why? Live music right there in the midst of the chaos announces there’s another layer going on in the comings and goings.  Turnstile turnings and passing subway cars.

Human nature survival, the daily grind.

Whatever you want to call it.

Some see life as “it hurts.”

Others witness it as an “inspiration.”

Whether it’s “breathing” or “inner peace” or a daughter” or “music” or “me” or  “you” or “art” or “rapping” 

I’m full every day while performing for this kind of seen and unseen crowd.  Today you can find me at LIRR next to the flower stand, (Spring is here) 7th ave @34th st.  My other gigs are listed on this site

What Inspires You?