The Noise Beneath The Apple

The Noise Beneath the AppleTNBTA is a global e-zine that focuses on the people, players and politics of busking and street performers. Believing that busking is a collective adventure, social commentary and political statement. Street performing promotes culture, preserves community and creates an environment for our ever changing times and human evolution. Their subject matter is produced by a team of passionate bloggers, music professionals, policy makers and enthusiasts from around the world.

Heather Jacks and photographer Bryan Close came by Staten Island Ferry terminal last week to meet and film me for this amazing project.

The Green Apple 

I am excited to be asked to write a blog on TNBTA.  I'm particularly interested in sustainability and how we can make our world more environmentally protected.  You might have seen my Sustainability section on my site where I share stories, information and links on how to learn to make a difference.  On The Noise Beneath The Apple, I call it "The Green Apple."

Here's my first blog and there's even a free download MP3 of my song 'Comin' Back To Me.'

check back for more blogs and great exposes on some pretty great subway performers.

thanks Heather 

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