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April 1st deadline


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 is fast approaching.

Crowdfunding site 


, has an opportunity for one artist to spend 4 days in Gibson's showroom to be creative, write, play and meet industry pros who will check in throughout the stay. (

The Gibson showroom is in the old 

Hit Factory recording studio)


 calls it a musical retreat where the lucky winner will be able to use any of the many guitars and instruments while working in a fantastic studio environment.

I'd love to have the chance to be able to hang out for a few days and be creative, quite a change from the underground!


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 to learn more, read my submission, see my clip, hear my audio and 

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 to have this chance.  

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rockethub launch party.jpg

Here's me jammin' at the launch party for RocketHub at none other than the Gibson Showroom, time for me to make another visit, don't you think?