Plasticless NYC? Join Juli's quest

Sustainabilty kudos this week go to blogger Juli @ Plasticless NYC

Juli's got things into perspective and is doing something to help reduce and stop our addiction to plastic.  She writes a great blog called Plasticless NYC.  Haven't you ever thought about where all those bottles go? Even if we do recycle them, there is so much energy and waste and pollution that goes into making/re-making them. Here in NYC, in my humble opinion we have the best tasting water. What happened to enjoying our own tap water in a glass?

Check it out

Here's one post about why Kool-Aid is cooler than any bottled flavored mineral water.  Not that I ever drink flavored drinks, but her 10 reasons to rethink kool-aid are great:

10. You can say "Yeah, I'm drinking the Kool-Aid" without a hint of irony.

9. Less packaging = Less plastic pollution

8. Kool-Aid is a lot less expensive than Vitaminwater products.

7. Unlike Vitaminwater, Kool-Aid doesn't brag about how nutritious it is, then have its lawyers say 'no consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking our product was a healthy beverage'. And Kool-Aid even has 10% daily value of Vitamin C.

6. With Kool-Aid, you can know exactly where the water is coming from, and what is in it. Not true with Vitaminwater.*

5. The money you spend for Kool-Aid isn't going to multimillion dollar celebrity ad campaigns (yuck).

4. You generally don't see Kool-Aid packets littering city streets. Vitaminwater bottles? They're all over the place.

3. Instead of drinking stuff that looks like Kool-Aid, you could just drink Kool-Aid.

2. Vitaminwater is over-hyped and over-exposed. Kool-Aid is retro.

1. "Hey, Ellen DeGeneres!" just doesn't have the same ring as "Hey, Kool-Aid!"


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