nerve ending of nuclear reality

As the nuclear catastrophe continues in Japan, my heart goes out to the Japanese people, not to mention all of those who will be affected by the disaster.  Radiation, knows no borders. 

thinking of climate change??

How about our Energy policy?

Just in case you're not, FYI there's now a no-fly zone over Fukushima power plant.

Nuclear power means increased risk of disaster.

nuclear power peacefully?  Is that possible?

don't think so


mother nature??



Rising radiation levels.

did I just hear someone say we're at more risk of dying while texting and driving?

Come On, we aren't addressing the facts in proper perspective

Deja Vu?

Interesting how Japan the recipient of this civilizations lowest moment in it's history has full circle returned to the source of it's pain.

the power of nuclear explosions.

time for a change

Japan is on the nerve ending.  My heart aches, my within me vibration is on alert.

the only way to make it right is to fight to find a way.

It's time.

japanese anti nukes bryant pk 0 00 01-18.jpg

Bryant Park during anti-nuclear march at UN