Living off the grid can bring amazing gifts

My guest blogger this month is the inspirational John Wells and his Field Lab. John sold his home in upstate New York to live off the Grid in Texas.  He has found a completely new life filled with deep connections and meaning.

the Field Lab blog he writes on is filled with amazing stories of how he is creating a sustainable and energy independant life.  The stories of his friends (two legged and four), his photographs and his perspective are worth taking a look at.  He is living proof that within us all is the ability to get up and change our lives, be creative, be challenged and find happiness in simpler things.

Need just a little bit of what his wide open space looks like?

When the allure of cramped apartment living has worn off, when you've been bumped one too many times from texting pedestrians, and when grimy post winter potholed NYC streets is just too much to bear, check out John's live webcam

Penelope Green of the NY Times traveled to visit John and published his story in last weeks NY Times Home section.  I love the idea that John lives quietly with 500k+ virtual visitors, living through his eyes and seeing how one man decided he could change his life and create a magnificent happy and peaceful world.

John has an artists eye in everything he sees.  As a photographer his images capture a magical world he has created. check out his lovely postcards.

Read about his story and follow links to his site and be inspired.

John and Goldie