Pierre Bensusan US tour

Pierre Bensusan was interviewed by Scott Simon on NPR yesterday.  I was driving to NJ to visit my sister and happily tuned in to Pierre's interview.  He has been touring around the US since January 15th to promote his new recording "Vividly".  In an email to me he explains, "C'est grand l'Amérique :)"  If you haven't heard of Pierre, he is one of the most accomplished and celebrated guitarists of his generation.  Born in North Africa and living in France he has a unique guitar styling that captures his musical heritage and passion for harmonic resonance.

I met Pierre in Paris in the early 1990's where I was living and working as a musician and singer songwriter.  He asked me to translate a powerful and deeply metaphorical lyric written by Jaques Higelinentitled "Awali," I jumped at the chance.  I even experienced a day of his guitar mastering when he gave me a workshop on the open tuning DADGAD.  Check out Pierre Bensusan.  He's a world class treasure.