World AIDS Day 2011

Here's a free download MP3 of my song Fallen Friends written for my cousin Peter and many of my fallen friends. 

AIDS continues to be a huge global health issue. My personal world was rocked in 1989 after losing my cousin Peter VanderPutten to AIDS.  He was among many of my friends who succumbed to this disease.  Back in 1989 it seemed the world was ending, then friends started to live, some today are still on crazy cocktails of drugs, but living practically normal lives.  But AIDS isn't going away, it's a horrific illness and is the source of huge loss to our global communities.  I continue to be mindful of this truth every day.

Today I think of those lost. In Peter's memory and to those continuing to be infected daily around the world.  We can and must do better.  Life saving yet expensive drugs are not available to all. Education must be focused towards the removal of cultural stigma and aloofness among those too young to remember the early days. Ignorance that endures with the cruelty of troubling and confusing information only make things worse.

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Take a moment today to remember, inform and be safe.