Eat what you already have in stock


I follow Sam Davidson's educational Cool People Care site, where he proves that with only 5 minutes out of your life you can make a difference.  Here's to the New Year and reducing food waste right in our own homes. Here in NYC many people I know use their oven for storage-no kidding. Maybe it's time to change that and actually cook something in it, think of the savings.

Follow his hyperlinks below to discover more tasty stuff that you can do to make your world=our world healthier, happier and less wasteful.


Don't Shop By Sam Davidson 

If you've managed to keep your New Year's Resolution of saving money because you haven't been to the store yet, see how much longer you can keep it up. Chances are, you've got plenty of food sitting right in your pantry - why go to the grocery store? Unless you need perishable items, commit to eating everything in your pantry and fridge until you restock. You'll be surprised at how long it will last, and if you're not going to eat something (and it hasn't expired), donate it to your local food bank. An uncluttered house never tasted so good!