International day of Peace September 21st

today we celebrate the International Day Of Peace.  I believe we can commit ourselves to ending war, encouraging resolution of conflicts through non-violent action, and teaching our children to see the world with different eyes than the ones we've been using.  Reminders are essential for a thoughtful, more right action and humane world.

Do your part.  Even if for a moment some time today reflect on a more peaceful world. Talk about it, with your friends and family and especially with someone younger.  See what they have to say/think.  Asking questions of ourselves we can be mightily surprised with the answers we hear.

UN flags UN.jpg

FYI, the United Nations is in session this week, passing in front of the building with all the flags flying (let us know the world is in town) gives me hope that the challenges we face today can be presented, discussed and diplomatically and peacefully resolved.

picture from UN Website

Links to UN website about Disarmament Education and a global teaching and learning project which has a curriculum ranging from Peace Education to Racial Discrimination, are worthwhile reading for any age.