return from Summer, subway awaits

Today is a gorgeous day in nYc and my first day back to performing underground since the end of July. I filled my reserve tank with natures colors and calm, having spent most of the time upstate in the country, a visit to Maine and to family on Cape Cod. I returned to the city Sunday night, the smells, the sounds, how little it took me to forget that I live in this wonderful chaotic cacophony of a community.  Needless to say my sensory system is a bit overcharged.  The crisp blue sky sharpens the edges of the Empire State Building and I'll be performing nearby today at 34th st at 6th avenue near the B/D/F/V escalator.

My bag needs to be repacked, batteries charged and cables checked.  New strings on the guitar, a huge amount of mojo and excitement to be strummin' and singing at 34th st today.  The routine awaits, the ritual of preparing my subway set-up as clear in my mind as my last walk on a country road.