Passive House in NY

What is a passive house? It's a house that is designed to use 90% less heating energy, 17% total energy of conventional 3 bedroom house without the use of photovoltaic, geothermal or wind turbines.  I was invited to the 'barn raising' and experienced the amazing moment of joy working together to pull up the trusses. To listen to Dennis Wedlick architect describe in lay men's terms how it works was like watching a master class, yet it was so simple. Using a drawing of a coffee cup he asked, "how can we design this cup to continuously not only have hot, but fresh coffee all day long?" Using the same principles of keeping that coffee hot and fresh, that's how he designed a house to stay an even temperature year long and with constant fresh air.  How? Proper house siting, insulation, and a 'magic box' (air ventilator) that circulates the air whether warm or cool.



 I like to shine the spotlight on people who I feel balance a life of creativity with integrity and who strive to make this planet more sustainable. Dennis Wedlick architect and Bill Stratton builder are doing just that.

I've copied an article from The Architects Newspaper Blog  07.26.2010, about the first Passive House in NY. article by Julie V. Iovine   Read on

Bill Stratton and Dennis Wedlick