Why do I perform in public spaces?

Since the first question most people ask is "Why perform in the subway?" I thought, I'd share more about why I perform in public spaces and the program I work under:

Music Under New York is a program within Arts For Transit. Tim Higginbotham of MUNY has been a tireless organizer and passionate street musician supporter. He and Scott's amazing work keeps this program alive, exciting and thriving.  If you have ever been touched by this program leave a comment below, or consider writing a letter to the MTA expressing your support as a commuter for this essential program.  As a recent commuter said while passing me "live music for the price of a swipe!"

Music Under New York works within the Arts For Transit which commissions the rich and beautiful mosaics including other art installations found throughout the city. Kudos to Sandra Bloodworth director Arts For Transit, assistant director Amy Haussmann and Lydia Bradshaw Manager, MTA Arts for Transit and Music Under New York.

I joined the roster after auditioning for the program in May of 1999.  Every two weeks I select from various locations where I would like to perform. 

music under ny.jpg

I have many favorite spots and you might find me at Grand Central Station Shuttle, Times Square, Union Square, Astor Place, LIRR and 34th street and a new favorite the Staten Island ferry terminal.  

I participate in “Music Under New York", because the connection is a very different experience than performing on a stage.  Not to mention that it's a deconstructed approach to the music industry. Underground, commuters and I are collaborators in a musical, rhythmic, spontaneous soundtrack.  To many people, a street performer is a struggling artist, for me it's a moment without struggle. I bask in the void of promoters rules, of complicated and heavy equipment, of the music industry's opinion, and a singer song writer's freedom to do what I love to do.  I applaud the MTA's support of this program.

If you're looking where to find me, I always post my subway performances on my gig page- Gigs link at the top of this page.

Here's an older blog I wrote for a student asking great questions about subway performing.

The MTA also presents the wonderful program Poetry In Motion I love seeing the poetry in the subway cars, lyrical, thought provoking, funny.  Important.

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photo montage by Geraldine Petrovic