Alice Tan Ridley Music Under NY's got Talent on TV tonight

Tonight is a very exciting night on TV for anyone who has heard Alice Tan Ridley perform in the subway.  With a unanimous vote from America's Got Talent judges last April, she now moves on to the audience vote phase of the program. Of course all of us in the Music Under NY program which she has been involved with for the past 20 years, are beyond thrilled for her. She has shared with us her belief that what we do underground "keep hopes alive and dreamers dreaming." You bet.

Watching her audition (see the clip below) I couldn't help but remark  that when she walked onto the stage and Sharon Osbourne asked Alice "What do you do for a living?" and Alice said "I'm a singer." The audience gave some modest applause.  When Sharon further asked, "Where do you usually work?" and Alice replied "In the subway." There was a strange silence, no one knew how to react to that information until Alice opened her mouth and not even 3 notes into singing the audience went wild. Hard to believe for many people that someone that sings in the subway could ever have this kind of talent. Guess that's what you get for under promising and over delivering. From that point on, everyone heard what we know here in NYC. Alice Tan Ridely has an amazing voice, a poise and wit that goes way beyond what ever happens on America's Got Talent show tonight.

Alice's auditioned with the Etta James song "At Last," written by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren, which ends with the soulful heart filled line "you are mine at last." Fitting, very fitting, after tonight millions of people will know why.

Watching this clip on Youtube from her audition aired June 15 2010, as of today July 20th, it has been viewed 717,617 times.  How's that for an audience.  I love one comment left under the clip  "If I heard a voice like that on the subway everyday, I'm not buyin' a car."  Well that's one way to help reduce our addiction to oil. I can see the headlines now, "Subway Singer Solves Energy Crisis." 

PS I wrote about Alice last November here's the blog


on 2010-07-23 00:51 by NYC Subway Girl

Well the news is great, Alice has made it into the semi-finals of America's Got Talent.  Congrats to Alice, can't wait to watch the rest of her wonderful ride!


on 2010-09-03 02:55 by NYC Subway Girl

Alice's run at AGT is now at an end, but it's not the end for her amazing talent, no way.  Of course there's disappointment but as I wrote to Aice in an email "I am so proud of you and your amazing performances on AGT. This will be a spring board to so many other things.  I'm sure you're disappointed not to move on, but you inspired so many people with your amazing voice and character." 

I'd love to get Alice to record and Inspiration for this website.  Will keep you posted.  Alice let me know if you're game!