Chopsticks like so many throw away items are more wasteful than you think. Bring your own and refuse the throwaway kind. Why consider taking them in to-go bags if you already have 400,000 at home, okay I exaggerate, but still… take the 2 seconds to say no thank you to the systematic filling of your lunch bag with extra stuff you know you won’t use.  And keep those extras in your pocketbook or briefcase, or save for parties, or that fun picnic you decide to take.  I’ve used them for paint stirrers, left over string bobbins, or poking a hole to plant seeds.  Just throwing them away because, well, you used the plastic fork instead, is somehow odd.

Regarding these choices to consider:

Call it sacrifice,

learn to embrace it, or

better yet, find a solution. 

Doing nothing is the wrong option.