Energy consumption in the midst of Oil Spill

If the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico does one thing it should be a wake up call to consider all the energy we waste.  I walked past a store today on Broadway (it's 90 degrees) and the AC hit me on the sidewalk like a huge slap in the face.  You might say, get over yourself NYC Subway Girl, didn't it feel like a cool pick me up? But at what cost? It's time we start adding up cause and effect. Okay it's also shameless marketing, and now it's more than that.  It's even illegal, but stores still do it to tempt people inside. If you see a store with its doors open remind them of the crisis we are in. If enough people complain, things do change.  Why turn a blind eye on this simple act of closing a door?

Turn off your computer and lights and gadgets when not in use, and chargers when sitting idle. 

In the work place, if you notice everything left on all night long when no one is there, start a campaign to change this wasteful policy. It’s easy to install timed sensors that go off when not in use.  At least turn off the computers!

Little things add up to a mindfulness of right action.