Piano's all over NYC to play until July 5th

"Play Me I'm Yours" is an 'art' installation you're supposed to touch!  Where you can play on any of the 60 donated and decorated upright pianos that are installed throughout the city June 21st  until July 5th. Created by artist Luke Jerram this is a fantastic way to let people express themselves through music in public spaces.

If you've been following my blogging, you'll know how strongly I believe in Art in public spaces. It is so important, and a wonderful way to get everyone to stand up and take notice of our creative abilities. Why not activate our senses without needing to believe we could be the next American Idol, or dream to be a rock star? How about music and art for the purest sake that it makes us happier, healthier, calmer and more peaceful.  All things we could use a lot of these days.

So you thought the painted cows that popped up all over the city years ago were cute, or you hated them.  I actually had to perform in front of one in Grand Central, but I digress... get out and play a piano.

Produced by a New York based non profit group called Sing For Hope  “Arts Activism in Action.” Their Social Change mission: Art as a catalyst for charitable giving, community understanding, and positive change in individuals, organizations, and our world.

How about bringing along a parent, grandparent, neighbor or friend to tinkle the ivories-who has a piano these days, and if they do, think apartment living, got to be tough on space and neighbor tolerance.  But people used to, and it was common to stand around a piano to listen and sing.

For locations throughout the city: streetpianos.com

I plan on getting out there and playing this summer while I'm also wandering around unlocking special places with my Key To The City. I'm a lousy pianist, but I love to play and unashamed of my dinking on the keys.