Well folks, the results are in, the audience voted and NYC Subway Girl made it to the next round.  Now it's up to the internet audience to pick who should represent Manhattan.

Vote for your favorite Manhattan band before Friday, April 9 at 11:59 pm EST. The finalist from Manhattan will be announced Monday, April 12 at 4pm EST and will compete in the Ultimate Battle of the Boroughs.

Watch The Friday Night performances of all Five finalists link to vote

My experience performing was actually quite surreal, I never expected such an amazing in the pocket response from the audience.  Maybe I have been performing underground too much!  I went on about 5th in line which was perfect.  My Sugar Bar open mic warm up of the night before was more than I could have hoped for too, as it got me in the mood of performing on a stage with lights and an audience.  

At the Sugar Bar, I waited my turn with an amazing gentleman who gave me some amazing tips, one being a question? "what's the first thing you should be thinking about as you walk onto a stage?" answer "Once Upon A Time." wow, what a perfect truth and tip. His name Kent Drake, my Sugar Bar mentor, "you've got a story to tell, well tell it!"  So as I walked onto the stage at the Greene Space I thought....Once Upon A Time, and I "told" my story=song 'Comin' Back To Me', the audience joined in at the end, made great encouraging sounds as I sang a certain line and basically made me so buzzed. 

I didn't really give justice to Terrance McKnight's interview, I made some lame response to his compliment of how I learned to play the slide. Commentators Leital Molad Senior Producer Studio 360 and Helga Davis WQXR host, gave me great thumbs up in my performance and song choice.  Helga wondered how I was able to keep my vocal chops so clear because of the brutal subway conditions not so kind to singing. 

check out my pic's of the night