Happy Earth Day, so precious, full of grace

Can't believe it's been 40 years since Earth Day began.  We've come so far in regulating pollutants (removing DDT for example) and saving precious resources.  But alas, we have so much more to do, for every step forward we make, we take many steps back due to the force of our own nature to override natures commitment to balance.  

The Earth gives and takes (as recent catastrophic events have proven).  We have powerful nations who can make progressive and positive changes to how they can support and protect our environment for us all not just within a border.  We can all make a difference.

Enough about that for now today should be a day of gentle refection and honoring of our amazing planet.

Last week I was upstate and watched a Bald Eagle fly overhead.  Forty years ago when Earth Day began the future of the Bald Eagle was uncertain.

Today reflect on a beautiful natural experience you might have witnessed- For me, it’s a double rainbow last Sunday during a gentle rain, a fragrant flower in Bryant Park, blanket of stars overhead last night and a glorious moon.