Idol: Stuck in the middle... (of a boring competish!) Abramson & Meyer

Well kids,

We were hoping for a night full of inspiration, and what did we get?  Nada.  Zilch.  Nothing.  Except some leaves (or butterflies depending on what hallucinogens you ingested before the show) onanother ridiculous outfit from Siobhan and some tears (real?) from Crystal.  Even Alicia Keys was normal / boring as apple pie.  No excitement.  No drama.  And certainly no inspiration.  HUMPHF!!!!  What are we going to do????  Well, all we can hope is that Idol Gives Back tonight in a MAJOR way.  (Like can they give us back the hour of TV time we wasted watching last nights show?)  And of course were hoping for an upset with the eliminations tonight.  Cmon Idol!!!  Lets get over the hump were in and get down to business!!!

Here is who you think will be going home tonight:

Didi 34%   Aaron 15%

Tim  13% Lee      9%

Michael 7% Katie    7%

Andrew  6% Casey    6%

Crystal  1%     Siobhan  0%

Until tomorrow

Meyer & Abramson  OUT!