Idols update IDOL: We're down to 7! Abramson & Meyer

Hello Idolers!!

Since we didn’t get out a recap e-mail yesterday, this is a special double edition e-mail in honor of the double elimination week!  After collecting opinions about this week’s shows, most of you agree: you loved Adam Lambert as a mentor and you weren’t at all surprised with the 2 contestants who got the boot.   In fact, over HALF our pool thought that both Andrew and Katie would be the next ones voted off.  Congratulations to the following people – ALL of whom correctly guessed that BOTH Andrew and Katie would be going home as #9 and #8:  Craig, Jonathan, Kelly, Lauren, Bridget, Dave, Gail, Isander, Jack, Jeff, Jessica, Brittany, Kathy, Kelli, Linda, Michael, Michelle, Andrew and Tiffany. (Please note you get “correct” credit if you guessed Andrew as 9 and Katie as 8 OR if you guessed Andrew as 8 and Katie as 9.)  And a special double congratulations to our TWO PERFECT SCORECARDS so far: Sadie Abramson and Joy Brown! 

Unfortunately we do have 3 people who are now out of the running in our pool: Karl and Lisa (who picked Katie to win) and Dianne (who picked Didi to win).  Sorry guys!!!  This is still a wildcard year, and the few people who picked Tim, Mike, Casey and Lee to win may just be in better standing than the majority of the pool… We’ll see what next week has to bring!

But first, let’s reflect on all that happened this week – during the performances and the eliminations.  We asked a guest correspondent Liza Breslin to give her thoughts on the performance night:

The show started with Ryan complimenting Adam's talented tongue action..... (don't ask) Next up: Elvis songs. Show opened with Crystal Bowersox on electric guitar. Her guitar glittered and so did her performance of "Saved".  Other outstanding performances were: Mike singing "In the Ghetto" (justified last week’s save) and Lee (sans bagpipes) who smiled while he sang (sound advice from Adam). All 4 judges were surprised by how much they enjoyed Tim's performance.  Who knew he could sing??  Not so hot performances: Andrew was a snooze, Siobhan was confusing and Aaron was lackluster and old fashion.  All in all, Adam was a good mentor.  He provided honest criticism without being harsh (even if he did look like Hades from Hercules).

Good call on Hades, Liza!!  HA!! 

The only other thing we want to add about the performance night is this:

While Tim was crooning did anyone else catch the oh-so-tender couples dance shared by Ryan Seacrest and Michael Sarver (Season 8’s burly oil rig worker)??

Elliot Ya-need-to-take-a-shower-and-I-Mean-it goes to African with Kara DioGuardi for Forever 21.  WTF was she wearing in Africa??? Yes it’s hot there, but you are representing our entire country… More coverage, less saggy boobies please! (Yes, Elliot is sniffing his pit.)

Oh Brooke White.  We really wanted her to stop at the beginning of the song and ask to start over – just for old times’ sake. Actually the performance wasn’t that bad, but there was something very creepy about Brooke’s Stepford look.  And, why was she singing with Miley Cyrus's ex-boyfriend Justin Gaston?!? Ohhhh right, because Simon Fuller has him starring in his web series – which is also now starring Alex Lambert (the biggest star of AI this season??)!  Justin really should stick to modeling - see here: 

Adam??? Are you in there Adam??  You’re singing “What do you want from me?”  Well, what we want is to SEE YOU!  Where are you???

And we bid farewell to Andrew and Katie.  We can’t say we’re sad, and we can’t say we didn’t see it coming… But there were still some tears shed on their behalf: 

Until next week when Alicia Keys mentors and Idol Gives Back…

Meyer & Abramson – OUT!