WNYC's Battle Of Boroughs Manhattan winner announced

Winner announced Dujeous, congratulations!!  check out their performance of their catchy and deep song, Everybody Break Bread ...if that's not the title, it could be..... Follow the rest of the Battle of The Boroughs June 18th!!

watch the entire April 2nd performances including NYC Subway Girl's song 

Voted as the favorite Manhattan band, The finalist from Manhattan will be announced today Monday, April 12 at 4pm EST and will compete in the Ultimate Battle of the Boroughs, June 18th in the Greene Space, the ultimate winner gets a solo gig in the space.

The five finalists:

  • Source, A fantastic mixture of African cultures, wooden flutes, rhythmic guitars and fabulous vocals reminiscent of Manu Dibango
  • Genesis Briggs, Yes! New York represented in this gutsy female hip hop artist. The honesty and poise from Genesis was really fun to experience.
  • NYC Subway Girl-Cathy Grier, that would be me!
  • PaperDoll, I felt like I stepped back into time to the best of the New Wave movement, the lead singer/keyboardist had amazing energy, and catchy song.
  • Dujeous, singer of Dujeous got the audience moving right from the beginning.  Every Body Break Bread...(hope they practice what they preach)

Overall great musicianship including many original songs that were heartfelt and meaningful. A really fun night and I was pleased to see so many female musicians (keyboardists in almost every group)!!!  

Too good to not mention: These other artists didn't make the cut, but all worth mentioning.  The Greene Space crew did a fantastic job of selecting wonderful mix of eclectic artists to represent Manhattan.

The Kat GangKat has a relaxed sense of jazz vocal style with lyrical scatting layered in.

Canta Libre Chamber Ensemble musicianship par excellence, moving, perfect pitch, soothing...wow

Sarah DeLeo Quintet  Rockin' Robin? !  Why Not?! a lovely new rendition from this bubbly jazzy vocalist

Hillary Stepacoustic sounds that rocked with a country edge.

San Juan Hill afro, latin mix that once again proved NYC is filled with amazing musicians and styles.