If I know one thing, sage is tricky

Ah, the joys of a dual life from city to country and country to city, is fulfilling to me in many ways. I come to the country to be involved in my communiity, and now mostly to write.  Clearing out a creative space by burning sage is a good thing, but not if you get lost in the meditation and set off the fire alarm.  That’s how I started my morning today.  I quickly called to cancel the alarm, but not before the town siren went off-we have a local volunteer fire department. And if you have one, you know how loud and discomforting it is to hear when it sounds. Dispatch said they called off the trucks-whew, but the chief might want to stop by. Which of course being a small town, he did. 

Have you ever smelled sage when it burns-kind of like really awful weed-not that I would know what that is, but say if I did….. I had a harder time trying to convince him that it was only sage I was burning.  Will I ever get a chance to write without all these distractions?!  Last time I got side-swiped by a car that lost control in a curve in the road and smashed right into my driver’s side door.  The car is still in the shop. Maybe I am safer in the city!