Eve Ensler talk, The Girl Cell

Just talking yesterday to my friend Paige (who blogs at The Sister Project) about nycsubwaygirl and how as I continue to develop it, want nycsubwaygirl to be so much more than about me and my adventures in the subway.  nycsubwaygirl is I hope eventually a state, a place to build strong community, it’s form created by the collaboration of others.  To that extent I think “are you a NYCsubway girl?”  Today another friend Cheryl sent me a TED talks link of a speech Eve Ensler gave about girls and the idea of a girl cell.  Hmm I thought, girl cell…. It’s in men as well as in woman, and central to the evolution of our species and continuation of the human race, Eve continues, but there has been severe catastrophic oppression of these cells, denial and pure hatred of these cells….Eve is tirelessly awakening these cells long denied all over the world.

Eve started V-Day in 1998.  I had the honor of working and meeting Eve on that first event.  She continues to inspire and push me into the realm of what one woman can do. We all need to listen very, very carefully and then quietly pick up all our belongings and head for the collective exit door of patriarchal society and say no more, ¡ya basta!, ça suffit! Eve a treasure, let’s make her proud.

 as always, love to hear your comments....see you in the subway