Live radio broadcast Sunday feb 21st audio link

“Home Made Music” program featuring acoustic music.  And me!

Guest DJ Larry Wolfert (filling in for Mark Corso), stopped while I was performing at Grand Central Graybar corridor Wednesday and invited me to perform at 10:00 am this coming Sunday.

Rutgers Radio WRSU 88.7 FM /  click to hear an MP3 of the interview

If you do get a chance to listen, I'd love your comments here!

It will be nice to be above ground for a change!


on 2011-04-19 20:32 by NYC Subway Girl

What a fun interview.  Larry was a lot of fun and asked great questions.  I sang 4 songs and got a chance to talk about Music Under New York and nycsubwaygirl

click to hear an MP3 of the interview


Larry Wolfert and Me