an anniversary of sorts

Last year on February 4th, I was performing at the Shuttle in Grand Central. I remember it was really cold. Photographer Jefferson Siegel took some pictures and then came over to ask me a few questions regarding the current financial meltdown and if I felt that people were tipping less. My response was that I didn't notice a difference, but my focus was more on the act of performing in the subway, than the tips in my bag.  I asked what paper he was working for.  I woke up finding myself on the cover of AMNY, a free paper handed out to commuters throughout the city.  The headline was not at all what I expected, but I digress...It's been an amazing year.  Thanks to this interesting covergirl moment, I began to formulate the concept of NYC Subway Girl.

amNY Febrary 4, 2009 Cover page

I hope the next year brings as many exciting experiences above and underground as they have for the last year.  Hopefully you’ll join me in the ride and even collaborate with nycsubwaygirl.

See you in the subway……


on 2010-02-15 22:07 by NYC Subway Girl

performed at new Atlantic Ave LIRR terminal in Brooklyn last Friday and met Donovan Chevers, he was listening with a huge smile on his face and then came right up to me and said, "I've been hoping to meet you, and here you are, I was in the article from the paper you were on the cover of!"  

Well I just so happened to have a now dog-eared copy in my guitar bag, pulled it out and sure enough there is a great shot of Donovan performing in the subway (also by photographer Jefferson Siegel). How much fun happenstance, almost one year later to meet Donovan!

Here's my pic of the two of us: