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Hello everyone,

I recently went to see Cathy Grier perform here in NYC. She was playing outdoors in front of Pace University as part of a concert featuring musicians who play underground, in the subways. I originally met Cathy at the Folk Alliance convention in New Mexico. I had liked what I heard back then. She had a bluesy-jazzy streak to her music that was a little different from the typical singer-songwriter. I think she may have been living in Southern Florida but she moved to New York City some time ago and has been making her living playing in the subway as part of the "Music Under New York" program.

While I wouldn't care to do that myself, it's a situation that has brought her many great things, including an appearance at Carnegie Hall. More importantly, it has toughened up her performance skills and her chops. She now has a gritty sound both in her voice and harder edge to her guitar playing that is very appealing. Cathy has released a new CD called "What 
Fools Do" which she gave me a copy of. It is her playing solo and I think it's worth a listen.

She has lots of bluesy love songs (I love the first cut which features her playing slide guitar on "Keep Coming Back To Me") and some interesting political music too (a song about Elian Gonzalez called Elian the Spectacle).

She's worth checking out.

Robin Greenstein