My two cents worth..Grammy's 2010

Watched the Grammy’s last night, it’s my annual check in on the “industry”  I really do watch it like homework, or taking medicine.  And I don’t really feel better in the morning.

Gaga and Elton John, very cool, especially since they sounded great together, although the whole Fame Factory set and weak story line a distraction. Especially the crazy make-up that made Gaga look like Heath Ledger in Batman and Elton John, well he looked like he had a run in with his makeup artist.  Gaga sang and played effortlessly, not freaking out-poised and perfectly at home performing the opening song of the Grammy’s with superstar Sir John.  She didn’t flinch!  Great start.

There was the usual glit and pecking order.  Women in someone's idea of sexy clothing and impossibly high heels and the men in black suits and sneakers-typical.

I’ve accepted that the awards part is reduced to a handful of nominees (too risky of running over, or heaven forbid someone actually says something that might be seen as activist or too political). Wyclef Jean representing Haiti, his comments were sincere but scripted, his comment “the music industry is alive even though there ain’t no more record companies,” I’m sure not scripted).

I have found the performances usually to be quite awful.  But there were some great vocal presentations with Taylor Swift the exception, was an out of tune disappointment, felt horrified for Stevie Nicks who took it like a pro! 

Steven Colbert-don’t get him….

Beyonce was in great voice, LOVE the all girl band.  HATED the guys in black-kitted out military garb. Why?  Why….?  Okay, tell me it had something to do with “If I were A Boy”, but still. Unnecessary.  I did love her version of Alanis Morisette’s “You Outta Know.” It Rocked.

Dave Mathews was excellent performing “You and Me” with a collection of friends. The visual as the performers joined him on the song was striking, although the sound could have been mixed better-that’s a tough call since being a live show, it had to have been almost impossible to do it justice.  The energy and song came across wonderfully though. Real performance, comfortable and unforced.  Finally.

Jeff Beck performing the Les Paul tribute was fluid and lyrical and honest and Imelda May’s voice perfect. This was my favorite duo choice of the night.

The In Memorandum made me realize how many great performers have moved on in the past year.

Why, tell me why, do all the women need to wear body skins??  Okay Pink (from a let’s not be Isadora Duncan school of tragic dress) excluded.  Her tour de force circus act stole the show, singing while spinning in every possible position, all while being wrapped in fabric raised high above the audience and then plunged into water.  AND still was in fantastic voice-throaty and gutsy.  Taylor Swift take note….

But come on, I am sick of women wearing sick body booty clothes.  It’s down right offensive.

Sheryl Crow looked better in her dress it suited her and didn’t make her look like a Vegas girl selling the latest t&a show.

The TV production was weaker than usual in the switching department.  Sure it’s live, but they should have the best in the biz.  Too many missed shots, and not enough quicker recovery.

Really absent in my view was a truly fitting tribute to Michael Jackson.  Instead we got what seemed more like an infomercial for the film (“now available on DVD”-Lionel Ritchie).  Best part was Jackson’s son expressing that his Dad’s “message was simple: love.”  He then added, “we will continue to spread his message and help the world.”

But why 3D?  For the 99.9999% of viewers who didn’t have 3D glasses, the visuals just looked stupid and distracting. Was it just a shameless ad campaign gone wrong for 3 D TV?  So too Colbert pulling out an Apple ipad and then asking his daughter if he was cool? She didn't appear convinced! 

Taylor Swift accepting her award gushing, was hard to swallow since she’s been winning awards all year…..that’s showbiz folks!

That’s my two cents worth, and what I can remember off the top of my head.  Feel free to leave a comment if you have any thoughts.  See you in the subway…..