support your local economy

What is the 3/50 project?  

Think of 3 independently owned stores you'd miss if they were gone...the idea is you spend $50 at each, and in the process help save your local economy.

How about doing the same for your local non-profit?  Small arts, education, animal rights, and community organizations were hit really hard by the recession, including dried up grants, reduced donor support and economic tightening of expenditures. They truly need your support now more than ever.  I have a friend who explains it this way, "in these tough times I give 'til it hurts and it hurts, but I can't imagine my community without these organizations, so I give."  Consider splitting up your donor giving pie into smaller pieces by giving to the international organizations you believe in, but also add to it the local ones you might not realize you take for granted and would certainly miss if they were gone.

So with the concept of the 3/50 project in mind, why not think about 3 local organizations you would really miss if they were no longer around and give $50. And don't forget to let them know how much they mean to you.