balancing femininity and masculinity

by Heather Grimes:

This year I worked on balancing femininity and masculinity in my gardening.

I think that finding a way to incorporate both sides into my design ultimately makes for a more inviting space.

Striking the right balance has been a tough process for me.Sometimes I don't get a chance to work on my ideas with other gardeners because someone might be more inclined to sway in one direction.

This year I was involved in a gardening battle with my family, although I get into an altercation every year because it's so much fun. I wanted to drastically dig out half of the plants in the garden that seemed too feminine (flowering plants) and replace them with bolder foliage plants.

I ended up digging them out at night with my mom holding a flashlight for me so I wouldn't get caught behind enemy lines.

I'm very happy with the results.  

My brothers have been a great help to me when I need a guys' opinion.If I'm having difficulty with a color scheme or choosing plants for a more masculine look, I'll ask them for help.

I needed a new container for paper whites this year and couldn't find something I liked.

I asked Chris for suggestions and he gave me an old ammunition canister to use.    Fabulous.