typical Day at LIRR, Penn Station

I arrived to find a group of teens hanging out in my spot, they were eating and I could tell they were some sort of group 'cause they all had the same red jackets.  I asked if they were a singing or a hip hop group, they smiled and responded "no we're a drama class here in NY from Akhtar." How fun. It was their first visit to the US.  I told them a bit about Music Under New York and performing in public spaces.  Too bad they couldn't stay long enough to hear me sing and share with me more stories of their first visit to the US.

LIRR Penn station has huge waves of commuters rushing out from the subway turnstiles to catch commuter trains to the 'burbs.  I get a chance to perform to those lingering until their train, but also the regular personalities that roam the halls checking in on the various garbage cans, staying warm, killing time.  The amount of food that is thrown away as seen from my perspective and how it serves people in need is intense.  I would figure at least 5-10 different people check out what's inside every hour.

There's a McD's next to me too, so I see how much is thrown away, 1/2 full sodas, and fries.

I saw a guy walking by eating an ice cream sandwich, looked really good,  I said so and talked about how it's funny that besides the announcements I'm the one with a mic and make endless commentary if I choose.  So I might say "it's so amazing to be here in LIRR next to the Petal Pusher.....flower cart.  I love it that here I play next to flowers."

Or the smell of popcorn that wafts into my 'staging' area.

One woman listened and said she'd be back with change for a CD and you know she actually came back hours later.  We talked about how I must have figured she wasn't coming back.  She got my CD and said I should check out Peoples cafe on 35th st.  

Pat a homeless woman, huge smile stops by "are you setting up or leaving, when I said setting up she smiled..... we chatted, I gave her a  Be Inspired@NYCSubwayGirl t-shirt  and she told me how much it means to her that I talk to her when ever I come to this location.

I filmed a few inspirations from people as they stop and chat.

Some Doo Wop guys stopped by and sang along to my version of Piece Of My Heart.

Ebony Hillbillies guys walked by on their way to or from a gig (they are another MUNY group).

Lots going on in the world of performing in public spaces.