GreenTomato Pickles!

October 2010: This month I feature the words and pictures of gardener
Heather Grimes: poetic and breathtaking work with nature.


By Heather Grimes:

Tomato Pickles! A few years ago my friend Leslie introduced me to these little sour/salty wonders.

Gone are the days of watching all those green tomatoes go to waste when the frost hits.   Now I have the power to save them from a cell bursting, squashy death.   To give them a proper use like all good tomatoes should have.

My sister Rachel helped me process 16 mason full of beautiful home grown tomatoes and garlic today.   We hope to make up more tomorrow so we can have a refrigerator full of pickles this winter.   

Here is the recipe I use for my tomato pickles.   Chow.

blog and image Heather Grimes