Grand Central Station Mezzanine (just above 4/5/6 platform)

Jan 11, 2009 Grand Central Station Mezzanine 

Thanks for the love today, I’m full

Today was a day no one would have been surprised if I cancelled.  The cold air above the platform was sharp, my guitar strings immediately proved what they are made of: steel, cold steel.

Somehow like a little match girl fable stroking a match to create warmth and fantasy, everyone that passed me had huge warm smiles, amazing compliments and just a general warm haze of love.  What happen in my sleep last night I thought?

A woman passed not missing her stride and said clearly out loud “live music for two dollar and twenty five cent!”

People lingered, they clapped-huh, it was 30 degrees easily.

I met neat people. A woman introduced herself as a singer “what do I do to keep my voice healthy” hmmm off the top of my head I said, what do you eat?  Suggestions: sugar, bread and dairy are big to avoid.

chris & carl.jpg

Two guys Chris and Carl stopped by to interview me as they are part of the curious who are interested in documenting street performer life underground.  I happily complied even though I was tight from the cold.

Lorenzo, girl and me.jpg

Lorenzo Laroc was up next to perform, we’ve known each other since I joined MUNY in ’99.  We both have shared stages at Avery Fisher Hall and Radio City together, all thanks to our subway exposure.  He  has done amazing things, and is a true hard working and passionate performer. It was great to see him.  If you’ve ever seen his gorgeous Lucite violin and how he performs you’d remember it!


on 2010-02-01 22:36 by NYC Subway Girl

spoke to my Mom today and told her how okay it's been performing with such frigid temps (she's a Mom-she worries), and I said how happy I am singing and how happy I am knowing I make people happy when I sing.  She said "you were always like that." 'Nuf said, talk about following ones heart's contentment to it's fullest!  Can it get fuller?  Why not!  Bring it on New York!