34th st

today I struggled, it was hotter than I thought, although once and a while a breeze came by that wasn't 1500 degrees.  Like yesterday at SI ferry terminal, the commuters were distant but visible.  What I mean is people passed by, I got wonderful smiles, the usual kids who connect immediately and many who pass saying positive things, but, no one really stayed for long. 

I had a bizarre deal with a guy 'junior' 'Irag vet'-who wanted to sing.  First of all respect is # 1 for me, he came up demanded to sing and then played the vet card.  I personally would have liked to let him sing, but didn't get the chance to decide as he grabbed the mic and then ordered me to sing the harmony to 'In The Still Of The Night".  You can imagine how excited I was (not). A woman passing by gave me a sympathetic nod and looking towards the policeman nearby, wondering why he wasn't doing anything  to help me, yelled out for him to come over.  All was fine, I let 'junior' have his moment and then I got lost in the moment and said silly things like, 'I imagine you don't share your gun with anyone, well I don't share my mic", to which he explained, "which would you rather have, a mic that doesn't kill, or a gun that does?" bravo.  Too bad he was pretty messed up. The cop stopped by, asked him to come over and talk to him, with which junior disappeared. Afterwards the cop asked why I didn't call out to him.  I explained that I like to deal with things in my own way and knew if I needed help, where to find him.  

Such is life underground.