Back after a summer break

Yesterday was my first day back underground after a summer break.  Union Square couldn’t have been more vibrant, colorful and noisy.  It took a bit of getting used to the frenetic energy and still manage to find my composure (and my pitch!). I admittedly am a bit rusty after being in the countryside, there I dodged Lyme disease from ticks and the occasional mosquito.  Underground, it’s commuters racing recklessly too close to my spot, the gate alarm, waves of people merging directly in front of me, and did I mention the gate alarm?  Soon that too will not appear to be more than a note in the right key and I’ll adapt my tempo to it to be more collaborative with my setting.

I found the city full of love yesterday, or at least at Union Square anyway.  Lots of public display of affection, teenagers kissing, couples hugging Hi and Bye.  It felt strangely pre September 11, it felt optimistic as if life in the city has finally found a rhythm free from the usual stress of potential fear, real or imagined.  Maybe it was just something in my perspective after being away.  No matter what the reason, it was good to be home underground performing.

I counted 14 bikes, 2 skateboards (one without wheels), a man dressed all in white picking into a garbage bin, 2 double bass, 2 little dogs, the usual undercover cops stopping turnstyle jumpers (appearing to give only warnings-a nice change!) and fashion has clearly gone back to the ‘80’s-big glasses, tops and tight jeans/leggings. A generous teen in jeans set fashionably below the butt with colorful boxers and mostly wearing a fantastic smile, tipped me before I even started! My little Guassmeter that measures electric magnetic fields, found Union Square relatively clear of EMF’s (more on that in another blog).

Today I’m at one of the few locations  where I perform on the actual platform near the tracks at Astor Place. 12-3.