Taking Woodstock NYTimes review An Aging Hippieish Woman-guess who?!

Ang Lee's new film about Woodstock was filmed not too far from our upstate home. I was invited to perform for the people's screening (an enthusiastic audience full of extras and crew).  I sang acoustically mostly my own songs, but as the film got out, I sang "Piece Of My Heart" (Janis sang that one at Woodstock).  Imagine my surprise to see a review in the NYTimes last week.  I guess the reviewer wasn't thrilled with the assignment, her description: The slightly decayed theatre, the flimsy red carpet, the lone news van, and an aging hippieish woman (me).  Ouch!  

The adjective rich account sounds like a pathetically sad event, it wasn't! Here's an excerpt

NY Times Turn On, Tune In, Turn Back the Clock By KAREN SCHOEMER

Published: August 20, 2009



A few weeks ago Mr. Lee headed, so to speak, back to the garden. He and Mr. Schamus returned to Columbia County for a “people’s screening” of “Taking Woodstock” at the Crandell Theater, a slightly decayed 1926 movie palace in downtown Chatham. A flimsy red carpet decorated the sidewalk. A lone news van from a local cable channel parked across the street, and police officers in spotless uniforms cast a leisurely eye on the proceedings. Locals sported themewear like tie-dyed and tiered skirts, and an aging hippieish woman with flowing gray hair serenaded the crowd with folks songs on an acoustic guitar.