Gay Marshall on NPR

Do you love French music? Gay Marshall is a fantastic interpreter of Piaf.  Scott Simon interviewed Gay on NPR. Here’s the link:

For any Piaf fans, Gay's CD is essential.  Her interview was fun to listen toand I hope it brings Gay the kind of national attention and admiration she deserves. I immediately went to her website and ordered a CD.  She is also a formidable singer-songwriter and sings just as wonderfully in English (we co-wrote songs together in the 90’s when I lived in Paris).  Gay's website has an MP3 of ‘Heartbroken’ a song in which I composed the music.

from NPR:

Edith Piaf is usually thought of as a gifted, tragic figure: a great voice and spirit who sang through lost loves, loneliness, drink and depression. But actress and singer Gay Marshall takes a different approach to Piaf, seeing a joyful, mischievous side to France's "Little Sparrow." Host Scott Simon speaks with Marshall, who just finished a one-woman Piaf show and has a new release, Gay Marshall Sings Piaf, La Vie L'amour.