Obama Speaks at West Point Extra, Extra More Troops to Afghanistan

We are so precious.

So how could we have gotten to the point of occupation in the name of liberation?

For eight years I have been shuddering, pained by the loss of life, rush to war, lingering in war, a ‘renewed’ focus on the war and now this.

Continued casualties in the name of national security Continents away.

Increasing troops by thirty thousand? How did ‘they’ arrive at this number?  And then be so convinced, that’s all they’ll need, only eighteen months and then home as if on a business trip.  Hmmmm, makes one question.

A speech at West Point, to make a military, might point?

Cadets=volunteers who carry the weight of these decisions heavily on their shoulders.

Enlisted under what pressure? No conscription.

We the rest of us are asked to support but not bear the true burden, the right there on the spot burden, the my entire family is affected and devastated by multiple tours burden

Oh, yes we all carry a financial one, raiding our Nations bank just one more time to get it ‘right’

And the devastation is over there out of view

While we sit idly allowing volunteers to perform a task (for very poor wages) that should never have been accepted without a true national discussion.  We dishonor them.

We can reasonably assume (after eight long years) that most people find it acceptable that someone else is doing the dirty work,

the heavy lifting, the crushing emotional work, and tearing of heart and soul.

And death.

Bring on the Draft, then we’ll see how quickly the dialogue returns to balance.

No Draft we remove the discourse, the involvement and so we allow ‘contractors’ who work for corporations who benefit (and paid multiple times more than our volunteer soldiers)

I believe Obama’s Afghanistan policy is wrong.  There is no way to win this war.  He cannot mention Russia’s past debacle as an occupier and then in the same breath, present America’s role as liberators. Eight years is just too much to bear.

And Poppies continue to grow….