Yankees Ticker Tape parade, I was at Times SQ mosaics

Nov 6, 2009  Times SQ Mosaics

Yankees won World Series, perfect fall crisp sunny day.

Ticker tape parade meant the city was a sea of Yankee uniforms, caps, banners, jackets, and sweatshirts. 

Started with Prof Alvarez performing to a small curious crowd.  I was a bit late, his son who helps him set up/tear down was nowhere to be seen.

Michele appeared-passing through from a Dr's appointment.  It was sweet seeing her.  She was protective over a very blotto guy who was bumping into people.  He never came near me, but in a big crowd it’s true being careful is advised.

Prof Alvarez.jpg

I told the professor to keep going while I set up.  I took a few clips/pics.  Yankees fans everywhere!

Finally I moved to the other mosaic spot meaning I’d have to drag my stuff-certainly not the best moves for my back.

Son finally arrived and didn’t seem to care one bit, he made some comment about Dad should have called, and Dad saying there is no cell service.

I finally got going and should have been more into it.  Took me a while and a wondered if I should just stop and bag it up for the day.  But the people’s energy was infectious, it was a day of celebration, all the teens were dancing and having a good time, a group came over and wanted to have a picture taken with me, they were in a good mood.

The Ebony Hillbillies (another MUNY group) walked by-3 days in a row, and shouted out sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame, which I did and they joined in.  Very festive.

Later 2 women listened intently then came over and introduced themselves, they are part of a NY blog called fiveoutsiders.com Deena has a section on art and Jessica has a section on street performances and asked if they could film me, sure I said, blog about me and I’ll blog about you and that’s how it’s done.  I sang Cool Trick.

2 little girls stopped by probably 9ish, all smiles, their parents gave each a bill to put in my bag, I asked them questions about if they were there for the parade-YES, was it really busy?  YES, the taller of the two said I was worried for my older cousin here, she’s tiny and couldn’t see above the crowd, I asked what they had in their pockets that was sticking out, and they showed me–confetti!!

Pockets full of confetti after a Yankees ticker tape parade.

Wonder how long they will be saved somewhere safe until forgotten or lost interest in saving.