Times Square Alliance Best Of Buskers series 45th @ B'way

I really enjoy this gig spot and find the tourists, locals, the street vendors and cops to be really supportive of my performances.   Robert the Naked Cowboy came over to introduce himself and bought a disk (wondered where he was going to put it...).  I've had a great time and do hope Times SQ Alliance gets a chance to continue this series (there’s talk that it won’t survive).

Met Rachelle and Kathie from CA with the best color purple nails.  They bought a CD and came back later and tipped me with the same color polish!  That beats the 2 cans of Ensure or the bag of potato chips I’ve gotten in the past!

A karate kid from Tennessee in his outfit and black belt, walked by, he had just finished being on an NBC show, the segment will be aired in a few weeks.  He’s the youngest black belt.  Soooooo cute and when I asked him what his friends say about it, he was cool and was coy.  I also asked what was the best thing he’s learned about being a martial artist and he said the control.  Smart kid.  It took him 5 years to get the belt. I hope his folks send me the pictures they took too.

A photographer from Italy was having fun taking pictures of me.  Some guys from Ireland really got into my singing. A cop made me stop playing for a moment while his skittish horse passed by-wonder what the horse would do in the middle of a protest group, or a loud anything? Hmmmm, poor horse.

Another couple took pictures and then we spoke, (he did have a very nice camera). They were from Belgium and so we spoke in French a bit.  He sent me pics which I have posted, one is at the top of this post.

The Broadway shows street teams (the ones with the sandwich boards and/or fans), stop by and let me know how much they appreciate my being there.  A few buy my CD.  People slow down, take pictures, and there’s no better way to slow people down than if a camera is out, especially a professional one with a production team in tow.  One guy came by and filmed me for a moment.

My time went by really fast what with the appreciative tourists enjoying my music, the Karate Kid, a nail polish tip and I can’t forget to mention the Naked Cowboy stopping by. Life in Times Square couldn’t be more interesting.  And I got the chance to be above ground in an iconic place on a beautiful fall day.