LIRR Penn Station

This spot was actually the first place I ever performed as a MUNY artist 10 years ago.  I was stunned to find it too chaotic, loud and impossible to find my mark.  I hadn't booked it in quite some time and decided to give it another try. That was then, this is now-I take all that in stride and had a great day performing.

Roland-steel drum player was there performing when I arrived, we talked and he told me about South St seaport as a good spot to play.  He has a nice touch on the steel, melodic and resonant without being too harsh.

Flamenco man dancing to my song “Through My Eyes”  also proof that all it takes is one person to join me to make crowds form-he was entertaining and allowed me to adjust the rhythm to a more Latin-gypsy kings kind of feel and I liked it!

A mom with a family of 3 girls and one boy in stroller took pics, came over and we talked about music they asked many questions like

“How old are you?” And then “See you in Hollywood”, very sweet. 

They “missed” some kind of art event, and now have found themselves intently watching a subway performer.  They were great and I asked them to send me clips they took-especially of the flamenco dancer-hope they do.  Mom said with an enthusiastic tone, "well we missed art but we got music instead!" Proof positive to me how much a subway/street performer really matters in more than just being ambience for rushing commuters.

Generally great comments about my voice/playing from commuters.

Homeless young guy asking for $1, which I gave, and then reached down and stole another-not nice, but sadly a forgivable act.

A garbage picker (one of many within my view) who I thought was dancing, but then I realized had a horrible crippled walk, diving for food ate some-spit it out, drank from a ice coffee drink, dumped it, a woman gave him $ she tipped me too after buying flowers next to me.  Some people are just good to the core.

Many people leaned on columns to listen.

Runners, fast, scary fast, wow, I don’t want to ever witness an impact!

Good CD sales, in keeping with my commitment to selling my CD’s for “what ever you can afford donation”, I sold 5 CDS some for as little as $4 and then someone tipped me $5

At the very end as I played the last note and reached for the guitar plug to pull, a guy with his face painted in silver walked up to me and in a straight face said “hey this is my spot” then looking in my bag and tips said “you must be good!”  “You take care my dear” and as he strolled away he said, “I’m Silver man”.

I love this gig